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Women’s Health

Women’s health focuses on health conditions that specifically affect women.


What is women’s health?

Women’s health focuses on health conditions that specifically affect women. Common women’s health conditions that Dr. Rubin specializes in at Improving Your Health include:

Facial aging

Hair loss

Hormone imbalance

General aging

Decreased sex drive

Weight gain

Decreased muscle mass

Decreased overall quality of life


What services are offered for women’s health?

Dr. Rubin offers a variety of services at Improving Your Health for women’s health needs. The treatments that Dr. Rubin specializes in include:

Vampire facial

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy (O-Shot®)

Bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT)

Pellet therapy

Sexual Wellness Program

Weight loss program

Functional medicine

Sarcotropin therapy


What is The Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report?

As women age, they experience a variety of symptoms, including a loss of vitality. Dr. Rubin will perform The Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report to inform your treatment plan and ensure that you experience vitality throughout all stages of life.

The assessment dissects lifestyle choices, metabolic factors, and aging patterns through a series of blood work, surveys, and biometric tests. The results of these assessments are then put into triads to paint a picture of your body’s current metabolic chemistry.

A “triad” refers to a set of three groups connected to one another. The Metabolic Code is composed of five distinct triads interconnected within your body’s system:

  • Energy  (Adrenals-Thyroid-Pancreas)
  • Resiliency  (Gut-Immune-Brain)
  • Endurance  (Cardio-Pulmonary-Neurovascular)
  • Detoxification  (Liver-Lymph-Kidney)
  • Potency  (Estrogen-Progesterone-Testosterone)

Dr. Rubin’s personalized report helps you improve your metabolic chemistry through lifestyle changes, specialized diets, and supplements.

Dr. Rubin recognizes that every client is different. He ensures that a personalized healthcare plan fits your individual needs accordingly.


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