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Sexual Wellness for Men and Women

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Improving Sexual Wellness and Sexual Health During the course of adulthood, both women and men are faced with many challenges that can affect their sexual health and wellness. While some individuals may feel a sense of embarrassment or anxiety when speaking on these issues with their doctor —they are not alone.

The Massachusetts Male Aging Study organized in the late eighties, confirms that erectile dysfunction (ED) affects more than 50% of men between 40 and 70 years of age. Researchers say that the quantity of women experiencing sexual displeasure in the bedroom is not accurately reported due to the discomfort of speaking on it. The Sexual Wellness Program at Robert Rubin MD can help address matters such as poor lubrication and low libido to erectile dysfunction and muscle memory with a variety of professional-grade compounded treatments.

Men: Enhancing Sexual Wellness

Men may grapple with a number of obstacles that can interfere with their sexual function and health, but this does not mean they cannot partake in an active sex life again.* The distress of a fading libido and erectile dysfunction can be corrected with the Sexual Wellness Program. For men, the program contains:

Your medical physician may consider a compounded injectable prescription that is offered if the desired results are not met using the tablets alone.

Women: Supporting Sexual Wellness

Besides deteriorating levels of estrogen, women may experience vaginal dryness and a poor sexual desire as a result of psychological and emotional stimuli, such as anxiety and stress. Stress can trigger inadequate blood production which interferes with natural lubrication ensuing painful sexual intercourse and the thinning of significant vaginal tissues. To support the sexual needs of women, the Sexual Wellness Program for Women includes:


Stop letting these concerns control your bedroom activity, harm your self-confidence or stand in the way of relationships. Dr. Robert Rubin has helped thousands of men and women restore their youth, increase their vitality and feel in good health. Experience what it feels like to live a happy and balanced life again! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Robert Rubin today!



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  • Several years ago, I was experiencing menopause withhot-flash and other symptoms. Nonetheless, I was fortunate to find you aftermuch research. I was very impress on your approach tomedicine. You carefully looked at my chemistry. Then you specifically tailor supplements andcompound creams to fit my DNA. I soon regain my health back. Thank you! Secondly, I had another issue this time…Read More
  • I have received my 2ndPlatelet-Rich Plasma Injection recently. I cannot tell you how much better my knee is. I had a torn meniscus and had surgery about 6years ago and later developed arthritis in my knee. There were days when it hurt or was irritable and days seem to be increasing. Thatis no longer the case thanks to Dr. Rubin…Read More


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