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Robert Rubin, M.D. offers a wide range of functional medicine services to help you optimize your health and wellbeing from head to toe. Using advanced techniques and therapies currently revolutionizing the world of anti-aging medicine, Dr. Rubin treats hormonal imbalance, sexual dysfunction, hair loss and weight management. Discover what it means to enjoy optimal at every stage of life with the expert care and service of Robert Rubin, M.D. and his medical team.

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Not sure which services best suit your needs? Struggling with symptoms that seem to have no cause? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rubin. He can help you determine the cause of your symptoms through advanced diagnostic testing, careful review of your medical history, current symptoms and lifestyle. Together, you can find a treatment plan that will help you look and feel your very best while boosting your quality of life. Contact Robert Rubin, M.D. to get started on your journey right now.

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  • Several years ago, I was experiencing menopause withhot-flash and other symptoms. Nonetheless, I was fortunate to find you aftermuch research. I was very impress on your approach tomedicine. You carefully looked at my chemistry. Then you specifically tailor supplements andcompound creams to fit my DNA. I soon regain my health back. Thank you! Secondly, I had another issue this time…Read More
  • I have received my 2ndPlatelet-Rich Plasma Injection recently. I cannot tell you how much better my knee is. I had a torn meniscus and had surgery about 6years ago and later developed arthritis in my knee. There were days when it hurt or was irritable and days seem to be increasing. Thatis no longer the case thanks to Dr. Rubin…Read More


April 18, 2019

Hormone Replacement for Weight Loss: Finding a Healing Path for Your Body

If you’ve struggled with unwanted weight, you’re certainly not the only one, but you may still feel alone on the path forward. Especially if you’ve tried diets and weight loss […]

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