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When you become a patient with Robert Rubin, M.D., you become a patient of functional medicine. How does this differ from conventional medicine? Well, if you think about it, the conventional way of practicing medicine is that, once people have a condition or are sick, they are then prescribed pharmaceuticals — prescription drugs — and/or surgery or some other invasive procedure is scheduled. Basically, illnesses and problems are seriously/invasively treated after they have become critical or chronic.

Functional medicine attempts to avoid these invasive procedures and dependence on prescription medications. Of course in some cases a certain medication may be necessary. But all measures should be taken to identify the root cause of any health condition and alleviate or remove that cause. Functional medicine examines the whole
person, the whole body – all of your organs and systems are analyzed. It is much more
in-depth than conventional western medicine.

Dr. Robert Rubin will take into account your family history, your previous medical and health history, your lifestyle and diet, your stress level and career, your emotional and physical wellbeing — all of this will be examined and considered in order to best assist you in becoming optimally well.

This is because all of these things mentioned above play into how you are doing and how you are feeling, as well as how you will age! If we can get each patient to a point where they feel good and we have improved their function and their interaction with their environment, then we have achieved success. We will examine your hormones and recommend treatment as well as giving you certain diet and nutrition guidelines. We will look at your gastrointestinal tract health because this can affect everything else in your body. We will encourage fitness as well as mind body relaxation. We’re going to cover all the bases.

Functional medicine is for people who want to do more than just wait around until they develop an illness or until their current condition gets worse. It is for people who want to take charge of their health and do everything in their power to be well and prevent disease. Dr. Rubin is honored to help those who have these goals, and will happily
explain his methodology during your initial consultation. Come to our facility and learn more about the new, modern way to be healthy. We welcome all inquiries.


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