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WOWShotMen who are frustrated by their sluggish sex drive or or disappointed in their lagging sexual performance, should consider the P-Shot (also known as the Pripaus Shot®).

This nonsurgical procedure is safe and effective for recharging your sex life and helping you perform in the bedroom. The Priapus Shot is a highly advanced, unique way of using your body’s own natural growth factors to rejuvenate the penis. This is a nonsurgical solution utilizes nature’s own ability to heal through the power of platelet rich plasma.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the central ingredient in P-Shot and the central player in the efficacy of the treatment. You will receive a painless injection of a proprietary blend of ingredients, including platelet rich plasma sourced from your own blood . The concentrated platelets promote natural healing and regrowth of tissue to restore function and appearance. PRP has been used for decades to help athletes and others address injuries to joints, tendons, cartilage and other body tissues.

The P-Shot procedure begins with a simple blood draw. The blood sample is run through a centrifuge to extract the PRP. This extraction is then mixed with a proprietary blend of ingredients to optimally support healing and restore function of the damaged tissue. A local anesthetic cream is applied to the injections sites in the penis and carefully administered through use of an advanced technique to minimize pain and optimize results. Patients experience little or no discomfort during the procedure.

Benefits include:

While the P-Shot is effective for healing and restoration, optimal results are achieved or enhanced when combined with Dr. Rubin’s post-procedure regimen, including use of a specialized pump that promotes functional use of the sex organ.  Experience what thousands of men already have – the power of PRP to restore your sexual health and performance. Contact Robert Rubin, M.D. and his team of experts to learn more about the Priapus Shot for men and hoe you can transform your sex life at any age.

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  • Several years ago, I was experiencing menopause withhot-flash and other symptoms. Nonetheless, I was fortunate to find you aftermuch research. I was very impress on your approach tomedicine. You carefully looked at my chemistry. Then you specifically tailor supplements andcompound creams to fit my DNA. I soon regain my health back. Thank you! Secondly, I had another issue this time…Read More
  • I have received my 2ndPlatelet-Rich Plasma Injection recently. I cannot tell you how muchbetter my knee is. I had a torn meniscus and had surgery about 6years ago and later developed arthritis in my knee. There were dayswhen it hurt or was irritable and days seem to be increasing. Thatis no longer the case thanks to Dr. Rubin and the…Read More


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